Sciral Consistency

“Consistency, thou art a jewel.”
—popular saying

“Consistency, from Sciral, does one thing and does it well. Its interface is pleasant, original, and crystal clear. It's utterly simple to use. ... In short, this is my kind of program.”
—Matt Neuburg, Review in TidBITS
“What an app! Simple, immediate concept; thousands of uses; just perfect. ‘Killer app’ written all over it. :-)”
—Matt Davis, CIO, Project Worldwide Ltd.
“Thanks for writing this application. It has made a big difference in my life.”
—Francis Sydnor, Engineer, Scottsdale, AZ
“Love it! Consistency helps tremendously, and is perfectly suited to what it does (which is something I don't often say about software.) I am recommending you to friends and co-workers every week.”
—Jeremy P. Myers, Orlando, FL

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What is Sciral Consistency?

Calendars are great for keeping track of tasks where you need to coordinate with others by setting fixed times and intervals.

To-do lists are great for keeping track of tasks that you will do once, and that you need to keep in order by priority.

But there's another class of activities for which neither traditional calendars nor to-do lists are optimal. If you already use a calendar and a to-do list, you're probably trying to wedge these tasks into those tools, without realizing that they really call for a new kind of tool. Sciral Consistency is that tool.

The kinds of activities or tasks you use Sciral Consistency for share a number of attributes:

In addition, feedback on how consistently you're performing each of these tasks is critical to evaluating how well you're supporting your core values on a long-term basis.

What are some examples of appropriate tasks?

Some simple examples are watering your plants or physical exercise. If you don't water your plants, say, every 3-4 days, they start to die. If you don't exercise every few days, your body won't stay in good shape.

If you water your plants or exercise as consistently as you breathe, you probably don't need Sciral Consistency for those tasks. But if you examine your life, you may find a surprising number of activities unique to you in both your personal and professional life that could benefit from more Consistency.

What are some other uses of Sciral Consistency?

Our customers come up with a variety of creative ways to use Sciral Consistency, including:

Sciral Consistency can even be used for to-do list style “one time” tasks— just delete the task after you've completed it.

How Does Sciral Consistency Work?

Each Sciral Consistency document is a matrix similar to a spreadsheet where each row is a task you want to do consistently, and each column is a calendar day. At the intersection of each row and column is a cell that is marked and color coded depending on whether you completed the task that day, and whether the task was pre-due, due, or overdue on that day. Each task has its own unique “target range” of days where it makes the most sense to perform that task again. As you mark tasks complete, the color coding automatically updates, and over time you can get a sense of how consistently you're doing your tasks according to the target ranges you set just by observing the color patterns.

You have as many documents as you like, each containing different classes of activities— for instance you can keep the tasks you do at home in one document, and the tasks you do at the office in another. Other features include:

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