Free Stuff from Sciral!

Sciral, makers of the acclaimed Sciral Consistency and Flying Logic productivity applications, are just giving this stuff away, so spread the word!

Free Custom Calendars!

We're pleased to offer our awesome LifePage™ printable calendars.

Simply select the calendar you’d like to print, enter when you'd like the calendar to start, and download your calendar in seconds! The calendars are in PDF format, and will display and print on any computer.

To start, click on the calendar design you want.


A traditional, no-nonsense multi-page calendar.


Take in an entire year’s worth of events, conferences, and important meetings in one sweep!


For people who really want the big picture! 100 years on a single page, starting in your birth year. Yes, every single day has its own square. Use a dot of red ink to mark your life’s most memorable days. A reminder to make the most of each precious day.

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