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HabiTimer is a unique FREE app for iPhone and iPod Touch that alerts you throughout the day when you need to do tasks such as take medications or supplements, take work breaks, eat small meals as part of a weight loss or fitness program, or anything you want reminders to do frequently. Notifications trigger at any time, even when HabiTimer isn't active! To learn more, click here.

Sciral Consistency

Now available for iPhone!

Sciral Consistency fills an important niche between the calendar and the to-do list, and lets you track and receive feedback on day-to-day tasks that are repeating yet flexible. To learn more, click here.

Flying Logic

How do you really go about improving your life or business? Thinking through the questions of “What to change?”, “To what to change?” and “How to cause the change?” can be daunting. Flying Logic is a revolutionary tool that helps you answer these questions— a true “spreadsheet for rational thought.” To learn more, visit the Flying Logic web site.